About Us

Hello, Ciao everybody, and first of all, thank you for stopping here at readyforitaly.com.

My name is Giovanni, and I am an Italian who decided to share his knowledge of his country with the world. Traveling and discovering new places have been in my blood since I was a child. 

I visited many places worldwide, but I loved traveling in Italy during the last period. It is amazing knowing that there is always something incredible to discover. 

My main goal here at Ready For Italy is to become the undisputed No.1 traveling resource for any person that is looking to visit Italy and wants to know more about Italy culture. 

The amazing thing about Italy is that there are some hidden gems that you will never know by visiting the classic city or searching randomly on the web. Only an authentic Italian like me can help you to let you know about those places. 

As for every Country, Italy is rich in history, culture, and traditions. By saying that, I want to communicate to all food lovers that there will be an entire section dedicated to food too. Yes, since eating traditional Italian dishes and discovering how dishes change from one region to another is fascinating, I think that sharing my knowledge of dishes that I taste in Italy is something that you will appreciate too. 

Foods, places, and experiences are not the only things that you will discover inside my blog. My main goal is to share and let the world know the true Italian ways of doing, sharing with you typical ways of doing of we as italian. 

I can ensure that you will find authentic experience and knowledge here at READY FOR ITALY.   

I hope that you will find my blog helpful for your next stop here in Italy. 

Thank you for being interested in my website.