Best Italian Kitchen Brands

The kitchen is the most essential place in the house because this is where meals are prepared. In the current world, most people look at the kitchen design before moving into a new home. A good kitchen design primarily stems from the brand. A good kitchen brand is one which is able to provide modern aesthetics to the owner as well as make it spacious, comfortable, and safe enough for use.

Italy is one of the most profoundly known places for having the best kitchen brands. The many brands that offer different modern and traditional kitchen designs make the aesthetics worth checking. There are various kitchen brands in Italy, and each is unique in its ways and different from the others.

In this article, we will be looking at the best Italian kitchen brands. I will tell you everything about each brand and its uniqueness. Here are some of the best Italian Kitchen brands we will be looking at.

  • Boffi
  • Aster Cucine.
  • Molteni Dada.
  • Poliform Varenna.
  • Valcucine.
  • Schiffini kitchen LTD.
  • Minotti
  • Scavolini.
  • Arclinea
  • Poggenpohl.

1. Boffi


Description: Boffi is one of the top Italian kitchen brands well known for its high-end modern designs that are very stylish. The company is family-owned and was founded in 1934 by the renowned owner Luigi Boffi. It has since been known for its outstanding designs across Italy, making it one of the most preferred brands by many.

Design: Boffi kitchen brands are known to have very good stylish designs. They have been developed to become the epitome of Italian style due to their clean lines and aesthetics. The method of kitchen cabinets is of high quality because they have been handmade by professional craftsmen. Every single detail of these kitchens is worth noting since they are luxurious.

Brand Company: They are from the Boffi Company, founded in 1934 by Luigi Boffi.

Brand Availability: the brand is available in Italy and has a showroom in Soho, New York.


  • It is a luxurious brand of high-quality kitchen design.


  • It’s available in only two countries.

Boffi brand features

Company NameCountry of OriginWhere to BuyPricesUniqueness
BoffiItalyBoffi website or Soho showroom€50,000-€100,000Luxury brand

2. Aster Cucine


Description: Aster Cucine is a luxurious kitchen brand that originates from Italy. It has been in existence for 35 years. The brand aims at reflecting the way you live. It has maintained a reputable image, and they have also won awards for their kitchen designs.

Design: Aster Cucine offers a stylish and luxurious kitchen that is simple yet modern. They have the most unique kitchen cabinets in Europe. They have clever storage styles that other brands might not have.

Brand Company: They are from the Aster Cucine Company, founded in 1978.

Brand availability: they are available in more than 50 countries across the world.


  • Stylish and functional storage designs.
  • Luxurious styles and designs.


  • It’s a very expensive brand.

Aster Cucine brand Features

Brand CompanyBrand AvailabilityPriceWhere to Buy
Aster CucineAvailable in 50 countries worldwide€37,800-€150,000In any of their branches across the world

3. Molteni Dada

molteni dada

Description: Molteni Dada is a kitchen brand of the Molteni group. They are known for their kitchen designs’ high-level craftsmanship, especially the kitchen cabinets. Luca Meda has designed dada kitchens.

Designs: the designs of Molteni Dada are unique and elegant. The kitchen designs are modern as well as traditional. They offer their customers new solutions to common modern problems like storage and space. They have also incorporated technology in their kitchen to suit the contemporary world.

Brand Company: the brand was founded in 1972, thus becoming part of the Molteni group. It was established to develop unique and elegant kitchen solutions.

Brand availability: they are available online on Mohd or in their physical shop in Italy.


  • It is from a reputable brand.
  • They are available online.


  • It is very expensive.

Molteni Dada brand features

Brand CompanyAvailabilityUniquenessPricesCountry of Origin
MolteniAvailable online and offline in ItalyTechnology-controlled kitchens€120,000 and aboveItaly

4. Poliform Varenna

Poliform Varenna

Description: they are the space bar excellence where emotions and aesthetics meet. The designs have been developed to meet all the customer’s needs and demands according to different customers’ perspectives. It is the epitome of made-in-Italy elegance.

Designs: the designs of the Poliform Varenna are suitable to meet even international tastes. They use stones of different techniques to craft the kitchen tops. There is critical attention to detail since the kitchen cabinets tend to match with the floor or ceiling.

Brand Company. Poliform Varenna Kitchens’ is from the Poliform Company, which specializes in furniture.

Brand availability: they are available in UK and Italy.


  • They are quite cheap.


  • The brand is not very unique

Poliform Varenna brand features

Brand CompanyBrand AvailabilityPriceCountry of Origin
PoliformAvailable in UK and Italy€3,500-€15,000Italy

5. Valcucine


Description: This luxury kitchen brand is dedicated to providing luxury kitchens that cater to the customers’ well-being. The materials they use in their kitchen are environmentally friendly, making it an admirable brand that cares for the environment.

Designs: the design of these kitchens is innovative and timeless. The materials used are strong enough to last years to come. They have been known to use clever ways of making their kitchen designs stand out due to the different materials used.

Brand Company: Valcucine Kitchen was an excellent kitchen company in Italy, but ItalianCreationGroup has since acquired it.

Brand availability: this brand is available in many countries across the world, including South Africa. But you can check their website to find out whether they have showrooms near you.


  • Unique materials for kitchen cabinets and counter.


  • They are a very expensive brand.

Valcucine brand features

Brand CompanyWhere to BuyPricesCountry of Origin
Italian Creation GroupOnline on their website or offline in their physical shops€35,000 – €125,000Italy

6. Schiffini Kitchens LTD


Description: This brand has been known in the world of designer kitchens for its fantastic kitchen designs. It has a variety of well-known designers who design the kitchen cabinets, such as Alfonso Arosio and Jasper Morrison. They are one of the award-winning kitchen designers due to their unique designs.

Designs: the designs are contemporary, creative, and innovative. Different designers worldwide make their arrangements, giving the kitchen designs a unique taste that is different and wonderful. They also have very good storage for the kitchen that can fit almost anything.

Brand Company: Schiffini Kitchen is from the Schiffini Company that originated in Liguria, and was founded by Enrico Schiffini in 1920. It has since occupied international markets.

Brand availability: it is a multinational brand with many branches worldwide.


  • Unique designs.
  • The rich history of excellence.


  • It is more expensive than other luxurious brands.

Schiffini Kitchen LTD brand features

Brand CompanyBrand OriginWhere to BuyPrice
SchiffiniLiguria in 1920On their website or in physical shops€60,000 and above

7. Minotti


Description: Minotti draws its designs from the architect’s concepts, giving the kitchen a unique and modern design that conveys classic styles. Minotti presence in the kitchen designing industry is very reputable, and it has been in existence for years.

Design: their kitchen designs are unique and spacious, suitable for all. All the designers working with Minotti are very skillful and experienced. Hence you are sure that the quality of their services and products will be high.

Brand Company: the company originated in Italy and is from the Minotti Company, founded in 1979 by Minotti Alberto.

Brand availability: it is available across Italy and UK, and customers from across the world can also order from their website.


  • They have affordable prices.
  • They have high-quality kitchen designs.


  • It has a few branches worldwide.

Minotti brand features

Brand CompanyBrand OriginWhere to BuyPrices
MinottiItalyPhysical shops in Italy, New York, or London or on their website online€14,000 and above

8. Scavolini


Description: This is a certified made-in-Italy luxury brand that has been in existence for the past 20 years. Their dedication to customers’ needs is what makes customers love them. Their idea of a good kitchen is one that has good materials and different designs that suit customers’ tastes.

Designs: the designs of these kitchens are unique, and they have very good finishing that emphasizes sophistication and versatility. They use different and trendy colors, shapes, and light to make the kitchen as impressive as possible. The kitchens they design are also big enough to accommodate all your appliances.

Brand company: it is the made-in-Italy brand, Scavolini. It was founded in 1961, and its main headquarters are in Italy.

Brand availability: they are available across the world in countries like New York, Mauritius, Uk, etc.


  • Huge international presence.
  • They are affordable.


  • They only have a few material designs for kitchens.

Scavolini brand features

Brand CompanyBrand OriginPricesWhere to Buy
ScavoliniItaly€22,980 and abovePurchase from Scavolini shops or their websites

9. Arclinea


Description: Arclinea integrates a different collection of designs worldwide to reach imitable lengths where every product and material are combined with corresponding to new criteria of use in the application. They tend to use technology and traditional practices to create shapes that still resemble with space.

Design: their designs are exquisite and suitable to fit any modern interior house. The materials and products used are strictly from Italy to match Italy’s taste.

Brand company: The company was founded in Italy in 1925 by Silvio Fortuna.

Brand availability: the company is available worldwide in each continent.


It has very exquisite characteristics different from others.

It is available worldwide.

Arclinea brand features

Brand CompanyBrand OriginPricesWhere to Buy
ArclineaItaly by Silvio Fortuna$25,000 and aboveOrder directly from their website or at any of their physical shops in the world

10. Poggenpohl


Description: it is the leading brand for luxurious kitchens in the kitchen industry. It offers trendsetting designs that other companies normally end up copying. The products and materials used in making their kitchens are modern, and they are used architectural concepts with outstanding craftsmanship for technical precision.

Design: Poggenpohl designs kitchens based on the customer’s needs and imaginations and brings the best out of those dreams into reality. Each design is contemporary, and it’s made from skillful craftsmanship.

Brand Company: the brand is of German origin, but its materials are from Italy.

Brand availability: The brand is available in many countries across the world, such as New York, Germany, Italy, etc.


  • It’s quite affordable
  • Designs according to customer’s preferences.

Poggenpohl brand features

Brand CompanyBrand OriginWhere to BuyPrices
PoggenpohlGermanyIn any of their shops$60,000-$125,000

What to consider when choosing the best Italian Kitchen brand for your home?

Prices, some Italian Kitchen brands tend to be cheaper than others, while others may offer discounts even with their high prices. When looking at prices, you must consider all the factors, such as delivery and how long it will take to make your kitchen.

Design: Italian kitchen brands are undoubtedly the best, but some have better designs than others. Hence it would be best to consider the different designs when choosing an Italian kitchen brand.

Materials used, some materials wear out faster than others. Different brands use different materials. Hence it would be best if you looked at materials that will last longer when choosing the brand to design your kitchen.


The best kitchen brands are as stated above. All the above kitchen brands are luxurious and offer good designs at different rates. Their modern materials and different ways of integration make them different from others. Choose any of the above Italian kitchen brands and get your dream kitchen.