Best Italian Dinnerware Brands

Italy is known for its good fashion, art, and architectural taste. But do you know what Italy is also known to be good at? Dinnerware, of course. Italy is known for its best and most delicious foods. The many cuisines that they offer make it impossible not to think of food when you hear Italy. This is why Italy is known to produce some of the best dinnerware in the world.

Italy has a good touch when it comes to craftsmanship and luxury in its dinnerware. It’s almost impossible not to notice the fantastic dinnerware sets at the various high-end restaurants. This is mainly attributed to the many luxurious brands that work daily to produce elegant dinnerware with a touch of modern and traditional Italian culture.

Italian dinnerware is made of glass, ceramics, silver, and gold. The crazy designs will make you want to buy some and take them home with you after the holiday. This article will look at some of the best Italian dinnerware brands.

1. Vietri

vietri dinnerware

Description: Vietri is a unique brand that was started by three women when they discovered handmade dinnerware at a restaurant, leading to Vietri’s birth. It is due to the founder’s passion for handcrafted dinnerware that led to the development and growth of Vietri, which is currently very popular in the world.

Design: the design of their dinnerware is unique, colorful, and playful, with the inspiration of the dinnerware designs inspired by Italy. Vietri designs focus on pulling loved ones together to enjoy a meal mindfully. The colors and techniques of the dinnerware sets are many and easy to choose from, and they are of high quality.

Brand Company: Vietri is from the brand company Vietri. It was founded by three women in 1983 on the Amalfi coast.

Brand availability: the brand is available in 263+ stores in America and across Italy.


High-quality products


Available in only two countries.

Vietri brand features

Country of OriginItaly
Where to BuyItaly, plus stores in America
Prices€800 for 16 sets
UniquenessHigh-quality handmade dinnerware

2. Alessi

Alessi dinnerware

Description: Fratelli Alessi Omegna created this dinnerware brand. He founded the brass plate company, and this was because it was inspired by the household items of the twentieth century of the Australian and English people. His dinnerware is known for having creativity and attention to detail.

Design: the design of these dinnerware brands is of high quality. They are known for their excellent finishing and highly decorative touches. They depict the most outstanding international creativity that is very imaginative and extraordinary.

Brand Company: They are from the Alessi Company, which was founded in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi and Fratelli Alessi Omegna.

Brand Availability: the products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide.


  • Extraordinary high-quality and iconic dinnerware designs.
  • Highly creative dinnerware designs that reflect aesthetics.


  • Very high prices for the dinnerware.

Alessi brand features

Company OriginItaly
Where to BuyYou can buy on Alessi online stores
PricesThe prices vary depending on the sets
UniquenessIconic and extraordinary brand

3. Bitossi

Bitossi dinnerware

Description: This is a historic Italian brand that has been in existence since the early 1900s. It was initially founded in Tuscany by the Bitossi Ceramiche factory, and it has since then been, it has been one of the best Made in Italy brands.

Design: the design of these dinnerware brands was originally traditional, but later on in the years, it evolved into a luxurious brand of unique creations loved by many customers worldwide. The designs mainly reflect the experiences gained in fashion, design, and graphics in Italy to bring out art and poetry in the dinnerware shapes and styles.

Brand Company is from the Bitossi Home Company, founded in 1921 by the Bitossi ceramic factory.

Brand availability: The brand is available in Italy, but products are deliverable worldwide.


  • Dinnerware designs reflect art and fashion.


  • It does not have a physical presence in countries outside Italy.

Bitossi brand features

Country of OriginItaly
UniquenessIt reflects art, fashion, and creativity
Where to BuyYou can buy them in their online shop
Prices€575 per set

4. Tognana

Tognana dinnerware

Description: Tognana is a unique and very famous brand that occupies the top position in the market for dinnerware. It is also known for its highly performative craftsmanship that meets both innovation and creativity, which is mainly linked to its logical distribution strategy. The company was founded in 1946 and has since moved from traditional to porcelain dinnerware.

Design: the design of this dinnerware brand is known to be colorful and captivating. Materials used are ceramic and porcelain which bring out the quality of the plates and cutleries. It comprises plates, bowls, spoons, and decorated placements that are full of art. The designs are also not only traditional but also modern and classic.

Brand Company: it is a brand of Tognana Company that was founded in 1946.

Brand availability: the brand is available in Italy only and has no physical shops in other countries.


  • Cheap products.
  • High-quality products.


  • Available only in Italy.

Tognana brand features

Brand Origin1946 in Italy
Where to BuyOn their online store
UniquenessLuxury brand
Prices€94.4 per set

5. Portego

Portego dinnerware

Description: This is an Italian brand that specializes in contemporary dinnerware. It is one of the most famous made-in-Italy brands that is known for crafting all sorts of dinnerware. Most of their dinnerware sets are expensive, but they are unique designs.

Design: the design of this brand is that of Italian taste with a touch of classiness and aesthetics. They craft very unique dinnerware which is worth the money they sell for.

Brand Company: it is from the Portego Company, which was founded in Veneto, Italy.

Brand origin: it is from the Italy.


  • It has very unique designs.


  • They have very expensive dinnerware.

Portego brand feature

Company OriginItaly
Where to BuyIn their online stores
UniquenessLuxury brand

6. Cessa 1882

Cesa 1882

Description: This is one of the most expensive dinnerware brands in Italy. If you are looking to buy a luxurious dinnerware, the best brand to buy from is Cessa. It is regarded as the go-for brand for original and exquisitely best dinnerware for all. When you order from them, you are not only buying quality but also craftsmanship.

Design: the design of their dinnerware is exquisitely unique. It is regarded as the master of delicate and opulent designs. The best silversmiths in Italy craft it. The high-quality designs are what makes it the most assorted luxury dinnerware brand by the rich,

Brand Company: Cessa 1882 is from the Cessa Company, which was founded in 1882 in Alessandria, Piedmont.

Brand availability: this brand is available in Italy, but people across the world can order items from their online store.


  • High-quality products.


  • Very expensive brand.

Cessa 1882 brand feature

Country of OriginItaly
Where to BuyIn their online shop
UniquenessLuxury brand
Price$2800 per set or more

7. Kiasmo

Kiasmo dinnerware

Description: This is one of the best Italian dinnerware. It is known for its high aesthetics, combining art, design, and fashion. The decoration of these products stays true to their making due to the creativity behind them.

Design: if you check their website, you will realize that the products are pretty unique. The products are very beautiful and are of high quality. They are a combination of modernity and sophistication.

Brand Company: this brand was recently founded in 2011in Ruffano by three people.

Brand availability: they are available in Italy and have their own website shop for purchasing.


Unique products


They are not widely available.

Kiasmo brand features

Company OriginRuffano, Italy in 2011
UniquenessModern and sophisticated brand
Where to BuyOn their online website
Prices€500 per set

8. Cartaffini

Cartaffini dinnerware

Description: Cartaffini has been a trusted brand for years. Their products are made of melamine which causes them to be very unique from other brands. Nothing can surpass this brand’s quality and art.

Design: the design of this brand is purely art. They have very well-infused designs that are drawn from the Italian art. Their materials are also made from durable materials, which can guarantee easy cleanliness and durability.

Brand Company: this is from the Cartafinni Company, which was founded in 1955 in Italy.

Brand availability: the brand is available in Europe, and you can find its products too on its website.


Unique materials of products


Expensive products.

Cartaffini brand features

Company OriginItaly
Where to BuyIn their online and offline stores
UniquenessMelamine material
Price$1400 per set

9. Forme Roma

Forme Roma dinnerware

Description: This brand was previously known for restoring palaces, but they, later on, dived into dinnerware. Their dinnerware pieces are inspired by the Renaissance period. They have since been known for their artistic touch in their products. They have been collaborating with international artists to produce fantastic dinnerware items.

Design: all their ceramic dinnerware sets are handcrafted in Rome. This makes the products to be very affordable as compared to other brands. Their items are very well crafted, and you can tell this due to their unique finishing.

Brand Company: it is from the Forme Roma Company in Rome.

Brand availability: they are available across Italy and especially in Rome.


  • Unique designs.


  • They need more branches for their brand.

Forme Roma brand features

Company OriginRome, Italy
Where to BuyIn their stores
Prices€32 per piece
UniquenessCeramic art

10. De vecchi Milano

De vecchi Milano dinnerware

Description: This is a contemporary dinnerware maker in Milan, Italy. The brand is guided by creativity and quality. It is one of the most prestigious Made in Italy brands. The founder of this company was a sculptor. So you can tell that the products are literary pieces of art.

Design: the design of this brand has been considered contemporary internationally. Their dinnerware is regarded as luxurious for anyone to own. They have been known to work with silver very well, making them a good brand for the people.

Brand Company: They are made in Italy by the De Vecchi company, which was founded in 1935 by Piero de Vecchi’s De Vecchi Milano.

Brand availability: they are available in Italy, but you can shop for their products on their website.


  • High-quality brand


  • Very expensive products.

De vecchi brand features

Company OriginItaly
Where to BuyOnline or in their physical store in Italy
UniquenessLuxurious brand

What to consider when choosing the best Italian dinnerware brand for your home ?

Prices: the product’s fees can vary from one manufacturer to another. There is a direct link between quality and price. A high-quality product is the most expensive to buy.

Quality: when it comes to dinnerware, you should consider going for high-quality products. This means that the dinnerware will rust slowly, and at the same time, it will likely maintain its shape for a long time.

Design: some designs are way better than others. A good strategy is attractive, speaks art, and at the same time is innovative and technological. Many brands have good designs; hence if you want to choose art, the above list has many brands that have artistic designs.

Durability: when choosing dinnerware from Italy, you should select a brand that has products that will last long. A good brand will last long without breaking easily.


Italy is known for its high-quality dinnerware brands. Many made in Italy dinnerware are made from pure craftsmanship, which is a combination of creativity, innovation, and traditional art culture in Italy. Most of the brand’s prices are high, but the designs are worth the money. Choose any of the above brands’ and get yourself Made in Italy dinnerware.