Best Italian Cookware Brands

Most people spend reasonable time in their kitchen. The best place to get durable cookware brands that can deliver what you require is Italy. We all know Italians are great for cuisine; most people and restaurants globally have tried their cooking practices.

The Italian cookware companies manufacture the best quality cookware brands. In addition, having Italian cookware in your kitchen enhances the overall design and look, as the brands are elegant.

Through the article, we shall go through some of the best Italian cookware brands you need in your kitchen.


ballarini set

History: Ballarini is among the oldest cookware brands in kitchenware history; that was started by a small family and later passed the craftsmanship to generations. The brand was introduced in 1889 through metal crafting products.

Currently, Ballarini is a global cookware brand. The brand began producing non-stick products in 1967. For the years the brand has been in the market, there have been several challenges, but managed to overcome them. Ballarini company has over 300 employees and makes over 12 million pans annually.

The brand produces granite-coated cookware that works great under low-temperature cooking. In addition, there is the Kerastone professional coating best for any cooking activity.

Description: Certifications-With many years of existence in business, the brand has acquired several certifications such as

  • Quality System Certification
  • Certification in environmental management
  • HACCP-approved, delivers safe products for food contact.

Best product: Ballarini Parma Forged aluminum set -This is the most common product of the Ballarini brand. It has ten pieces made of aluminum and has a non-stick coating. The aluminum material ensures that the heat is evenly distributed when cooking.

Maintenance: The Ballarini product is generally easy to clean and maintain, given the non-stick feature. The coating does not chip off after scratching due to the Kerastone coating. The layer is more metal-like. Therefore, once you get the Ballarini cookware in your kitchen, be sure that it will last for ages without scratches.

Wide range of products: Ballarini brand has a wide range of products where you can choose between 200. The products come with different designs and qualities to match the taste and preferences of the customers. The products include pots, pans, utensils, and bakeware.

Handles: Ballarini ensures that the handles are made with the most professional design. They are tubular and have steel enhancement to ensure that they are sturdy for cooking activities. The handle can get hot when under high temperatures. However, they have a temperature indicator that shows when the handle is too hot.

Quality: The brand has the best quality products. The product line includes Aluminum, copper, Iron, Servin Tavola, and Stainless steel. The overall quality is that the pans have a professional non-stick coating to ensure that the pan is reliable and can last for an extended period. The brand’s non-stick quality is the most recognized in the cookware industry for its innovative quality.


lagostina cookware

History: Lagostina brand started in 1901 in Omegna, Italy. The brand was created by a family specializing in Lagostina cookware and flatware. The brand has the most cutting-edge products suitable for your kitchen. The brand provides cookware products that are great for chefs and home kitchen purposes.

Lagostina has every product to deliver what you want. There is stainless steel, ceramic cookware, and pots. The brand is based in Italy, but some products are produced in China. However, if you are looking for Italian-made Lagostina products, you can check out the labels when shopping.

Description: Versatility-Most chefs will recommend the brand due to the quality and performance. For instance, the cooking surface is a good eat conductor that ensures heat is equally spread when cooking. The cookware has flat edges that make it easy to pour, which serves excellent when eliminating excess water.

Price: Lagostina brand has the most significant deals when it comes to pricing. Most customers have left a positive review of 4.6/5 due to the costs that come with excellent quality. The happy clients state that the brand delivers value for their money. For any start-up restaurant or chef, this brand will come in handy regarding the budget.

Flavor preservation: Most chefs and homeowners will select the Lagostina brand because it efficiently preserves flavors after cooking.

Best product: Lagostina Martellata hammered copper. The product is the most common from the brand and comes with skillets, saucepans with lids, and a stock pot. The product has flared edges to ensure you can pour liquids quickly without messing up. In addition, the stainless steel exterior design provides that the pots and pans are durable.

Premium design: The Lagostina brand is made of premium stainless steel on the cooking surface and interior side. Stainless steel is the safest metal that should come in contact with food for human consumption. The copper material is soft and requires extra attention.

Durability: The handles grip well, and the lids fit correctly to acquire better searing. The ceramic coating on the pans makes them durable, as they cannot be scratched or stained.

Warranty: The brand states that there is a limited lifetime warranty to take care of all defects that arise from the material and construction when under supervision.


ruffoni cookware

History: The Ruffoni brand started with humble beginnings, which Antonio Ruffoni crafted in 1931. The first pan construction was to celebrate his son’s birth.

In 1962, the family started their first workshop in Valstrona Valley. The cookware continued to adopt modern-day cookware and delivered the best products. The brand has produced several products that serve different purposes. In addition, the main goal is to provide quality, durability, and attractive designs. The Ruffoni cookware has the traditional charm design that most chefs and homeowners love displaying in their kitchens.

Description: Most pots made of copper with brass handles are uncomfortable when cooking due to the amount of heat. With Ruffoni, the handles are made of quality material that ensures heat transfer is regulated.

Heat transfer: Ruffoni products ensure easy heat transfer to the food directly from the base of the pan or pot. Therefore, you spend less time preparing meals than with other pots and pans. There is even heating in the interior part of the pots, thanks to copper and aluminum core. You can use the pan or pot on a stove as it can heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Warranty: Ruffoni products have a lifetime warranty guarantee so long as you take care of the products in the best ways possible. You can acquire a warranty if the pot has defects in the material or craftsmanship.

Elegant design: As stated earlier, Ruffoni products have attractive traditional charm designs that look beautiful when hanging in the kitchen. The designs are unique and aesthetic. This is one of the main reasons Ruffoni products are a bit expensive compared to other cookware.

Thickness; Ruffoni brands have a great thickness as it hammered to harden the copper and the value. Therefore, the cookware is durable since it cannot warp easily. The thickness is approximately 95cm.



History: The Hestan cookware was founded by Stanley Cheng, who knew Italy as the greatest place for his business from 1970. The founder hired the most-qualified Italian blacksmith from Bergamo and Bologna to work on the cookware. Hestan offers about four types f cookware products for restaurants and home use.

  • Nanobond molecular titanium pans for efficient heating. The pan does not damage easily.
  • CopperBond induction cookware with elegance and easy to clean.
  • ProBond clad stainless steel cookware for great excellent conduction.
  • Titum non-stick system for non-stick cooking.

Design: Hestan cookware has a unique and innovative design. The PorBond and CopperBond products received the Red Dot Design awards. Hestan cookware has sealed rims to ensure that the products do not rust and layers do not splitting after some period. Each pot and pan has the Hestan logo with the collection name.

Handles: Hestan cookware has a long handle with a bump on the lower side to ensure that your fingers do not get in close contact with the hot pan or pot. The lids have stainless steel handles that are oversized to ensure enough room. All handles are ergonomic for comfort.

Lids: The lids have a perfect design to ensure that they fit the pots and allow heat and moisture retention when cooking.

Performance: Hestan cookware has excellent performance, which is influenced by design. The cookware is heavy with thick walls to ensure even distribution of heat. The cookware has a wide surface area to create room and ensure food is not crowded, thus, efficient cooking.



History: Alfonso Bialetti started a workshop in Crusinallo, Italy, in 1919. The idea was to produce semi-finished products made of aluminum. It later became a place to produce coffee machines, kitchen appliances, and cookware.

Bialetti continued to revolutionize the art of making kitchenware. To date, Bialetti products add value to homes where they are efficient with great performance.

Holding heat: Bialetti cookware can hold heat for a long period. This is made possible by the solid exterior; thus, your meals will remain warm for a long period, even after cooking.

Warranty: Most cookware brands offer five years or less warranty. Bialetti offers up to ten years of warranty. The company, however, does not help if you cause damage to the products. The only eligible warranty is when the craftsmanship and design fail due to the company’s errors.

Bialetti offers healthier cooking options compared to other brands. The company ensures that the material used to make the cookware is tested and fit to get in contact with human food.

Design: The material used to make Bialetti cookware is twice harder as stainless steel. The material is hard anodized aluminum that serves durability. The metal utensil is also great for oven use, holding up to 400 degrees F.


moneta cookware

History: The brand has been making history in all Italian pans that ever existed. The cookware was introduced 140 years ago, and to date, it serves families and symbolizes Italian excellence in cookware.

Moneta is the first cookware in the Italian market produced from recycled aluminum. The brand demonstrates environmental care by using used cans as the raw material for its products.

Maintenance: Monet cookware is easy to clean and maintain after use. The material is quality; thus, you do not have to worry about ruining the interior and exterior parts of the pan when washing.

Price: The prices are favorable since the brand uses recycled material to produce the cookware. The brand was looking for ways to provide affordable yet high-quality cookware to society. To date, it remains the best pan over other brands.

Durability: The pan can last for years without witnessing any scratches. The aluminum material used ensures that everything remains intact. Further, you will never witness any rust or corrosion on your pans.


Italy is known for its great artisan work, especially in cookware brands. When selecting the best cookware for your kitchen, you should consider durability, performance, and design. Most restaurants choose Italian cookware because they have durable and great material. The brands are expensive, which is influenced by the designs and quality. The Italian cookware is easy to clean and maintain. In addition, they are durable and thus do not chip off when cleaning. Italian cookware has elegant designs that will spice up your kitchen design at home or in a restaurant.